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SCHMOOF - new band from London !!!

Electro-pop duo Schmoof write catchy tunes about the important things in life: chocolate, pulling on tube trains and murdering unfaithful farmers. Their long-awaited second album The Glamour is due for release on 23 April and a UK tour will follow throughout the summer.

Schmoof's debut UK single Chocolate Boyfriend features remixes by Starlet DJs, Fake ID and Menlo Park. It secured a raft of press, including the front cover of Metro newspaper on the day of release.

Tracks from their debut album  Bedroom Disco (released on Austrian label Angelika Kohlermann) received daily radio airplay across Europe and USA.

Schmoof's saucy live show (which they regularly tour around the UK) consists of leather, pvc, high heels, ZX Spectrum projections & frantic strap-on keyboard duels.

Their analogue atari production techniques have been called upon to remix tracks by other artists, including UK labelmates Bee Stings and Chicago-based electro duo J+J+J.

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